Friday, August 03, 2007

We recieved our update today! We entered the courts in June, had a judge scheduled in July, and our Hearing is set for September 3rd. Alot farther away than we anticipated but atleast the end is in sight. We are told that everything is going smoothly and no worries! :) They explained that our process looks like it will follow another families that is currently traveling. They expect to work with the courts to have everything they need before the hearing so that the hearing is indeed the last step before the finale. They have a tentative travel date of end of September or begining of October. That seems far fetched and I am thinking more in the lines of October or November but will happily be pleasently surprised! I jsut cant see how you can get a hearing in September and travel in September. But you never know. I would love to hear that. They also let us know that the foster family is to have our questions answered and back to us by August in pleanty of time to travel. We will be sendin her another package in a few days. We do not know her sizes still and didnt get photos as we assumed we wouldn't. We are still very happy to know our case is moving along as it should and we have a hearing date!!! Our daughter will be home before xmas for sure. WOW 2 kids this Christmas. How blessed are we? Hope the good news comtinues to come for our fellow families.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Well, updates were do again. Last month Laura explained that Chung yi updates to them, had been running late and into the 1st or 2nd week of the next month. So now it is August 2nd and into the next month. We have yet to hear if we are in the courts. Debbie, the director of Chung Yi had been in the states so I am sure that has things a bit slowed down. We were suppose to here the next week, after last months updates, why we didn't have one. We are jsut sad we still know nothing. Unfortunetly we know that if FFC knew anything we would know. They wont sit on info so to speek. It is just frustrating to know that it has been about 8 weeks since our docs were received in Taiwan and we still do not know if we entered teh courts. We try like all the families to be patient. It is hard. You jsut want to know things are moving along. Since court can take 1-6 months you really want to get into court ASAP. Anyhow enough griping and complaining. We know everyone is busy and hope that our file is moving along and we jsut are not hearing anything yet. Maybe updates will be in, in the next few days. Maybe we will hear that Ti has received all our packages. Maybe we will hear her sizes. Maybe we will learn taht we have been in the courts. Something??? So the wait doesnt get any easier. ohh brother the adoption blues. On a lighter and happier note, Our friends are on their way to Taiwan to pick up their children. Denise her Katie and Janel her Dawson. We are so excited for them and can't wait to meet them when they get back to Fl. :)