Thursday, March 22, 2007

2 post in 1 day, Sorry about that. I talked with Wendy again today and she explained that Chung Yi has been sent the translations of our letter of intent for Ti, photo pages and family letter of introduction, and our refferences. She said that Sally had been working on our homestudy translation and hoped to have it sent to Chung Yi before she headed back to Taiwan this past Wed. but she didn't have confirmation that had happened. She said if not she would be bringing it to them. She also said that there is a meeting being set up for Sally to meet with Ti and her foster family so that she can get a better understanding of her personality, her and her foster parents! We are very excited about this and can not wait to get any information she gets of course. James T, with FFC, will be leaving on Monday (I think she said) and heading for the SLC opening celebration and will be joined by Laura on March 30th. Laura will be there for the weekend and then they should return to Utah.

So I guess our wait cannot begin until Chung Yi receives our homestudy and we don't know when or if this has happened :( Wendy did say that she would contact us as soon as she hears that Chung Yi has it. They stay so busy I told her that I dont meant ot bother but I will call as I get impatient like every other adoptive family I know. Of course she is so sweet and was understanding. So,yup, still waiting. LOL and this is just the very begining of it too :P
Well, still no real news as of today. I did speek with Wendy yesterday and she was able to let me know that our packet with our oroginal homestudies and hard copies of referrences did make it to Laura safe and sound over the weekend. She wasn't able to tell me if they got our documents out to Chung Yi Friday or not. I wonder if we will even know, if they went, before we hear Chung Yi's decision? We were told to expect about 1-2 weeks for Chung Yi's decision and then 1-2 weeks from the government social worker. Unfortunetly, our documents always hit during the really busy times, but I guess that is just part of it. FFC families received more travel calls this week and I am so excited about that. Another family will travel at the same time as Matt and Molly to pick up there little girl Chloe. Another family will be there for the opening celbration which is coming up soon. Sally should be on her way back to Taiwan now so hopefully things will be moving along. So here we wait. Patiently and impatiently, still waiting none the same.We thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers they send during our time and we cant wait to let everyone know when we hear something, anything :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spoke with Laura yesterday about some things and she says that we should get a call on Friday evening letting us know if our documents went to Chung Yi or not. Since so many things are going on and Sally got into Utah last night, they will be going over a few more things. Sally will also be translating our refferences during her stay if at all possible which they are in hope so that they can go along with the other translations. If not then they can be emailed to Chung Yi and then a hard copy mailed to them. So no big news yet. FFC is hosting its yearly CNY celebration this weekend so they are very busy. Then Laura will be heading back to Taiwan for the St Lucy's Center Grand opening of their new building. Many other families will be able to attend and we wish we could be there too. I can't wait to see all the pictures. Maybe Laura will get to visit a certain special little girl while she is there! That would be really nice :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Well... I felt gulty posting any news about our adoption the past couple days but I have moved on. I guess there were several families that felt they would be a better match for Ti than we would. Our agency really took the heat for it as well. Unfortunetly, these other families do not know us or our background and are speaking out of pain. I can understand as we found Landon from a photo listing and I know the connection you get. It has happened 2 times to us. This little girls info stated that only homestudy approved and paperready families could apply. At the time she was listed our agency DID NOT have any of those families. They can not hold a child to wait and see if a families homestudy will be approved nor can they hold them while it is being approved through our agency and the organizations they work with. We were the family that was already approved again by FFC, was completely paper ready, including a homestudy over 5 weeks old and a dossier that had been with the agency even longer, and the first family to request her file and ask we be considered to be her parents. Since we have first hand experience parenting the older child and parenting an older girl, not to mention the experience that came along with adopting our son Landon whom was also older (not her age) and sn's, they were excited we were interested. That does not mean that they just approve the first family that applies. It is a process and there are many things that the agency, orphanage and SW will take into consideration. We believe that this is our daughter or we would not have applied. We will be heart broken if she is not. We will still be happy for the family that is approved for her if it is not us. We understand that the most important thing is the children and that the organizations have the "children's best" at heart regardless of what we feel or think is best. We do our best to remember that but we are human and we are parents in a very hard and emotional process. Having said that...

On Thrusday I spoke to Laura, our coordinator, in length about our process and Ti. Everything looks great so far. They received our updated homestudy and have gave the finale and recieved it back. We received word form Laura last night that everythig was sent to translation and should be given to Chung Yi next week! We are very excited. She was also letting them know of all the children from there, especially girls, we have close to us and have been in contact with. She was able to share photos of the kids and Landon together, with Chung yi as well, which is exciting too. If we are approved then they hope that Ti will be able to have meetings with another little girl that is residing at Chun Yi, that will be living with a family not far from us, so that they will have a connection and contact. That would be really good for both of them for many reasons. So as of yesterday our documents were in translation in Taiwan and will be going to Chung Yi for approval next week. We hope to hear something in 2-4 weeks. Since our dossier is done, if we are approved, we will only need to await for contracts, get them notarized and then authenticated by TECO. Our state does not require us to go to the secretary of State office before TECO and then the contracts would be sent back to FFC fed-ex from down the street from TECO just like last time! Then of course they would be sent back to Taiwan so that they can be reveiwed and enter the courts. The courts can take 1-6 months. Last time for Landon's adoption, we were in the courts for 2 months. All of this can only happen if we are approved by all the organizations, so we wait, pray and hope until we hear the words "approved or denied". So another wait begins...