Thursday, March 22, 2007

2 post in 1 day, Sorry about that. I talked with Wendy again today and she explained that Chung Yi has been sent the translations of our letter of intent for Ti, photo pages and family letter of introduction, and our refferences. She said that Sally had been working on our homestudy translation and hoped to have it sent to Chung Yi before she headed back to Taiwan this past Wed. but she didn't have confirmation that had happened. She said if not she would be bringing it to them. She also said that there is a meeting being set up for Sally to meet with Ti and her foster family so that she can get a better understanding of her personality, her and her foster parents! We are very excited about this and can not wait to get any information she gets of course. James T, with FFC, will be leaving on Monday (I think she said) and heading for the SLC opening celebration and will be joined by Laura on March 30th. Laura will be there for the weekend and then they should return to Utah.

So I guess our wait cannot begin until Chung Yi receives our homestudy and we don't know when or if this has happened :( Wendy did say that she would contact us as soon as she hears that Chung Yi has it. They stay so busy I told her that I dont meant ot bother but I will call as I get impatient like every other adoptive family I know. Of course she is so sweet and was understanding. So,yup, still waiting. LOL and this is just the very begining of it too :P


TaiwanMommy said...

Well, if it helps any, we're all waiting with you! :)

sayin' prayers!!

adoptingfromTaiwan yahoo!group

The Rasmussen's said...


Hang in there. Waiting is hard but in the end your child will be so worth it. Remember if she is meant to be yours she will.

Keep your chin up!



Shana said...

We are so excited for you guys and wish you all the best.
Waiting is just horrible isn't it?

Best Wishes,
Shana and Kevin

Ann said...

Maybe all this "opening" business will put you back a few days. But I CAN'T IMAGINe that it'll be too much longer. Saying a prayer that Ti is told all about you soon.

Tisra said...

Congratulations on your second child!!! I look forward to hearing more.

Also, and I said this the Grandma Penny already today, thank you for all the information you gave me at the start of my inquiry last summer. We are now in full swing with paperchasing and home study and will be using FFC.

All the best,
Adopting from Taiwan yahoo group

Tammy said...

Catching up on blogs. So excited for you. Looking forward to meeting you and Landon at Sea World.