Sunday, October 28, 2007

We are here! The donation bag was way too heavy and so was our suitcase as we tried to minimize carrying more and filling to the brim. Needless to say it was going to be $200 more and lucky for us mom had packed 3 empty duffle bags just in case. Then we were notified that we were going to have technical stop when getting ready to board in Orlando, for Dallas to Seatle. No big deal we (way out of the way to Taiwan we know) thought till our plane was really late and then they notified us while landing we were changing planes. Lucky for me this once that greg was not happy and let every flight attendant know as they quickly gathered us as we left the plane we were husstled away along with many other guest out the side of the plane down to the ground and into a van like the secret service or something. Then away we went driving really fast across all the runway ground area over to a plane on the otherside of loading. Al teh whike they said they couldnt guarantee that our bags would make it but that they would come a day late and deliver them to our room. We said with how fast they got us to the otehr plane no way they could get all of our 6 bags into that plane. I mean when we got on the new plane everyone was already boarded and buckled and as soon as we all sat and buckled they began to move to the runway and took off. All of about 15min total time! Much to our suprise we were so worrie daobu our bags and imigration lines when we arrived we didnt get Ti's ticket upstairs. ARHH... but our bags were here safe and sound! One really bad thing is I have had a Horrible horrible tooth ache the entire time. Wouldnt be my life any other way people :) We are tired but we are checked into our hotel. We like the room. We did get in right away thankfully with early check in. The staff let us know when making our reservation that they may or may not have a room available for early check in. So we knew we may be droping off our luggage and knocking on the Dias's door LOL. We are going to venture out soon and get some pictures. We have a busy day tomorrow as we head down to Tainan via the high speed rail, visit SLC from 10-1pm , then tour Tainan with this awesome taxi that Judy H put us in contact with. We know this wil be an exiting day for Landon and us. We already have that anticipation feeling as we are so anxious to get to the part of the process wehave been working and waiting towards for the last 9+ months. YEAH getting closer still LOL We ate breakfast, meet Jessica (just as sweet and nice as I thought she would be!) and now tha tGreg and Landon are taking a cat nap I am going to look for that awesome doctor that Laura told me about to help pout this tooth ache. By this morning with not so much sleep and horrible pain I was already loosing site and patience. Of course Landon turned into mr crazy with about 4 hours left of the flight , mean, not listening, hyper little boy till now whne he cried himself to slep :(. He did well most of the flights though which we were really happy with considering everything else LOL Anyhow, having a pizza night with the Dias and Nicholson families and get to meet their little girls!!! We are soooo excited of course. SORRY GUYS BUT IT WONT LET ME UPLOAD PICS NOW but Ill try agian later.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Some of our "blogger buddies" and familis that have actually become friends are in Taiwan already meeting their children. Judy and Steve arrived several days ago and got to visit their son Eric at SLC for many days already. The judge asked them to come to Taiwan (kinda on a fluke) and they had to rush off the next week. Judy is wonderful and has sent so many families pictures and info on their children. What a blessing that is and how thoughtful of her. Also the Nancy, mike and Melanie Nicholson also arrived in Taiwan and have meet/picked up their daughter Harley! This was especially nice to see since she is an older child too though younger than Ti it is god to see how she reacts during their stay in Taiwan. You can view their blog at ! We leave in 4 days. So much to do and I still have to find time to read these blogs :) Jessica and Randy,, have already head out and we will see them in a few days after they arrive. Wow this is getting so exciting.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

And so the time is near that our daughter will leave a life she has known for 6 whole years and brave into a new. 15 days until we board a plane and head for Taiwan and 21 days until we meet this litle girl that has stolen our hearts from afar. 21 days until this child is not just a picture that we study and wonder. She is real we just know it! Our minds can not yet wrap the idea of "this real" little girl but once the time has ended and we can hear her voice, touch her, and begin from that day forward to heal, bond, love, and be the family we were meant to be...Ahh that is when it will be real. And that is what life is ALL about. Those moments that you are sure to remember no matter how old you get. The feelings that you are sure to feel every time you think of the second you saw your child for the first time no matter how or where, they came from. No matter when or why, but that second and the feeling you had. I can't wait for that moment, the one that I realize, feel and know " I really have a daughter and she is right in front of me".
I forgot to add that we recently found out that we will be meeting Laura T. for the first time during our trip as well as the other volunteers heading to Taiwan for the "picture the future" SLC project! We are so excited to finally meet her and in Taiwan of al places. The first time I ever spoke with her over 3 years ago she was in Taiwan and now we will meet a world away. Can you believe this trip. More importantly our arrangements have been made for our fosterfamily meeting. We will not get to spend the day with Ti prior to meeting her at Chung Yi. After many metings and long discussions the conclusion came a couple days ago. We will meet Ti's foster mom at Chung Yi. And a surprise... we may also meet her birthmother!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

We have received more gifts from our friends and family through the registry and it has been so fun thinking about our little girl opening and using the things that so many have sent. It is amazing to us that so many people care about us and our children. What a blessing it has been. I have to say thank you to the Smiths, Miller's, and Barnett's (sorry if we forgot anyone off hand) for the gifts we received most recently in addition to the others we have already thanked and received from. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

We finally added the bathroom set to the registry that we knew we wanted to get but couldn't decide on the actually theme. We know that most likely we wont get the pieces but thought we would let everyone know what we were lacking and hey if she got it then good and if not we will just wait a while to do it. No biggy. Ti loves the Zoo and all the animals so we chose the jungle as the them for her (and Landon's) bathroom. Landon could care less obviously but we chose the one that was not girly but something she and he would both love. It is fun, bright and since Landon thinks there are monsters in the bathroom now, hopefully he won't rub off on her with a nice cheery bathroom!
It is so wonderful to be able to share our journey and have the support we all feel from our Internet groups, friends, and family. We know that we are not going to be able to watch the group most likely as closely once Ti is home at least for a few months. We will have to focus on our daughter and son's adjustment and I feel a small loss and sadness for that. I do know that everyone will be there when I have questions to ask but cant get back to posting how things went when we try your advise. I know that I can count on any of you if I have to make that quick call or email, if I am frustrated, depressed, and if/when I am overjoyed and speechless. Adoption is such an amazing journey the whole way. With ups, downs and unexpected turns. I am brought to tears so often by the entire experience of ours and our friends as we all bring home our children, learn of our kids, and experience parenting first hand. My excitement builds each day as I envision this little girl waltzing through our house with her long beautiful hair, pitter patter feet, high pitched little voice, smiles and tears. I think of our son following her around, bugging her, asking "why her...", copying her as best he can, squeezing between her and us, and calling her sissy. Our lives will change forever. Our daughter is coming home. We will be a family of four. We will try and learn how to juggle 2 kids and our ever changing schedules while we strive for normalcy and adjustment. We can't wait to meet her and find out what makes our little girl tick. What makes her cry, what makes her smile, what makes her laugh. How she has grown and became the child she is for the last 6 years we have missed. How do we make up that time? How we will morn for the life and years we missed with her and how we will morn the life she missed without her parents. How we were not able to protect her when she needed it. We accept it but that isn't to say it doesn't hurt when we think about it and I am sure that pain will come more as we experience so much with her and how happy that makes us, but wishing we had even more. Greed for a time we feel we should have been there for but were not. Not disregarding the love and life she has had for the last 4 years either. So allot of feelings these last few days and many conversations between Greg and I. I think it is all normal to think, fear, wonder and be overjoyed with excitement. I think Greg has cried more times the last week and half than I did all year. My silly, sappy, emotional husband, how I love him and am so thankful that he is our children's father.

Again, thank you all for your support. blessings and your celebration with us. I know I keep saying it but I feel like there is no real way to show our gratitude. I just feel so blessed in my heart :) Love you guys! Woohoo we leave in 23 days!

OHHH, And a HUGE thank you to all the families that are participating in the Chung Yi Christmas drive. We are so excited to be able to do this for the kids of Chung Yi and are thrilled at the families that have choose to help. As we read the letters we are so excited for the kids and know that this will make such a difference in their lives now and when they are older and see and read how a family a world away thought about them!