Friday, June 01, 2007

Amazing news the last few days. We received a detailed report on the meeting between our in country coordinator, Ti and her foster mom. Many questions were answered about her, her personality, and her life. She drew us a picture of herself. It was sooooo cute. She looked through our family album over and over. We received 4 pictures. Unfortunetly they are pretty blury and inbedded in the report but we hope to get them seperatly soon so we can add them to the blog as they are the most recent. Her hair is beautiful and down to her lower back! She is about 45lbs they report which is age appropriate for US standards for 5-6 years old. We learned so many new things about her and her life now and before. Many things are personal so I won't share them publicly at this time. We received more WONDERFUL NEWS today!!! The contracts arrived at FFC. Along with them was a small photo album with captions! How amazing is that. And as if that wasn't enough...also 2 or 3 discs will be included as well with pictures from her life from 2 years old until now. Can you read our excitement? They should be here tomorrow or Monday. We will then head to TECO Miami for and overnight trip and pick them up Wed and fedex them from around the corner back to FFC. FFC will send those contracts and power of attorneys along with our translated dossier to Chung Yi. Chung Yi attest they will get reveiw and then get our documents into the Taipei courts. Who knows how long of time span for Chung Yi to ge thtem into court exactly or for the courts to take. Some families have been blessed with a judge that is skipping hearings or skipping fist rullings and giving a finale pretty quickly. We can expect about 3 months on average but it can be anywhere from 1-6 months in the actual courts. Witht he blessing of all involved and the circumstnaces of her birthfamily we dotn expect to have delays in court but you never know and we are prepared for jsut about anything. We can pretty much expect to have her home by Christmas no doubt and tha tis a good feeling. I will post pics as soon as we can.

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midwayfarm said...

I am so happy for you. What beauty there is in love. You are all very brave and wonderful. Vonne Barnett