Monday, May 28, 2007

Contracts are on their way! I am so excited. We just got an email from Laura saying that she just heard from Sally with the amazing news. The contracts have been resigned by the birthmother and have already been Fed-exed to FFC. She hopes to receive them tomorrow so we should have them by the end of the week. Also when Sally was their meeting with Chung Yi while another family member picked up their son, the social worker asked Sally to be back at 3:00 to meet with Ti and her foster mother. She ran quickly to Taipei 101 and got a gift for them from us! How wonderful is she??? So as I packed up her box tonight and took photos she has already received a gift from us! We are very excited since know one expected the contracts to come until the first week of June. We are also so elated about Sally meeting with Ti and her foster mom for the first time and we hope to get news of the meeting very soon. I cant belive it, I may be heading to Coral Gables next week then into the courts we will go!!!

These are pics of our packages that went out to Ti, her foster family, and Chung Yi. It was so much fun being able to send something. Just hope she likes it. She loves crafts and art!


shelley said...

Yea!!!! I can feel your excitement from here. Maybe you will get more pictures to share.


Sarah said...

Yeah! I can feel your excitement too! So happy to hear good news after waiting for news for so long.

Shana said...

So excited for you guys!! I got the news a little late. She is just beautiful. That was so great of Sally also.