Thursday, May 03, 2007

Well I spoke with Wendy today....She had nothing to report other than Laura and FFC staff have had conference meetings the last 2 days and of course that Laura just got back from Haiti and that she was still updating families on their case's. She did say that families will now get monthly case status updates even if it is to let you know that they have no news to report. She was forwarding our emails to Laura and was going to remind her that we have not heard from her and have several questions. We are hopeful we will hear from her in the next few business days but I would love to hear from her tomorrow. :) We are very anxious to know if we will indeed be Ti's parents or not. Several referalls are expected soon and without our approval or denial we will of course be skipped while we await the decision. As I have said before if we are approved we will be taken off the waiting list and if we are denied then we will recieve a new referall. It is hard to think that we may not be approved for her and still be skipped from this batch of referrals coming. The not knowing is killing us. We still feel like she is our daughter and as time goes by we fall more in love with the idea of this little girl being part of our family. She turns 6 years old next month. Another birthday with out her forever family, not that she isnt loved and cared for where she is. Not that her birthday won't be celebrated, it will. But ultimetly her foster family though they love her and care for her, are not the parents or the family that she will spend her life with. It does sadden me that if she is our daughter we have missed another milestone in her life. Hopefully we will here good news soon and the process can start moving forward. All we can do is pray and know that God is at work and taht we continue to have patience during this time of waiting and wondering.


shelley said...

Waiting sucks!!! Especially when waiting in they have good magazines there??

I applaud your for you tonight my friend.


Tisra said...

I am so sorry that there is no new news.


MOM said...

Gee, I've been thinking "If I do this again I'll go with a waiting child --The waiting won't be so bad" Guess I have that wrong! So sorry this road has to be so uncertain.
Praying for you tonight, Debbie

MOM said...

P.S. As I was praying I thought--God has some purpose in this. He is doing something in our hearts or lives. We may not see it. I think it was Albert Einstein who said, "God does not play dice with the universe" I think the same can be said for adoption. We're part of his perfect plan!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. Sheng-Fei turns 5 in July- and now we pretty much know it will be in Taiwan w/o us. I know she will have a great birthday. But I so wish I could make her a cupcake tree, hug her and give her a special gift!