Sunday, April 29, 2007

Well I had to report that there is still "nothing" to report. Wendy said on Friday that Laura should be returning from Haiti soon and that I should hear from her regarding a few questions we have shortly after. I assume that with it being the end of the month, meaning family updates, and no official update site yet, Laura will remain a little busy this week. I am still hopeful that we will hear news and answers to some quesions shortly though. The wait is hard even at thsi stage and considering last time it tok oer 9 weeks for approval I should be a pro at waiting but nope, no, not really. Let me see if I can't find those waiting patience somewhere. Uh, nope don't have any :) Let us pray this week will be the week so we can begin waiting on something other than approval or not!


Tisra said...

Hope you hear something soon! Laura in Haiti? Does FFC have a Haiti program? Huh.

Waiting is hard no matter how much you've done before. But, at least when you're approved- its off to the courts for you! Right? I'm assuming that's how it works.

adopting from Taiwan, waiting for referral

Happy Piggies said...

Hi, Nicole and family! Just found some time to come over and read and get the update. Thanks for sharing the info about the process a while back. We are now on board with FFC but still waiting for the review of our homestudy. I completely understand about looking for more patience. Some days I think I must have thrown it into the back of my van along with everything else! =)