Monday, April 09, 2007

Chung Yi has our homestudy?!!! Yes Chung Yi has our homestudy! Laura let me know today that Chung Yi does indeed have our homestudy but they may or may not have our refferences. Laura says that last she spoke to Sally she was in the midst of translating them. But, I thought they already had those? No they didn't. So I dont know if they will make their decision without that or not. I have no idea when we will hear if we are approved and the wait has begun to get to me now. Some other families have been waiting a really long time to hear of their approval from Chung Yi but I was told to expect about 2 weeks for Chung Yi then 2 weeks for the government social worker. Here we are weeks later and wondering when that first 2 weeks starts! ARGG! On a lighter note Laura did say that FFC received our I-171H on Friday from the government! We have been on the waiting list for 2 1/2 months now. You are put on the list once FFC receives your approved rough draft homestudy. If we are approved for Ti, we will be removed from the list. We do not know how many other families are ahead of us on the list but my guess is atleast 4 -6 families are ahead of us. With the growing number of families joining the Taiwan program it was important that we were able to be on the list in case we are not the family chosen for Ti. We believe we are and that things will move in our favor but we still want to be prepaired in our hearts in case she is not. We also want to be able to move forward with the process of another child should she not be ours. Thougt it would be dificult we do understand that they choose what they feel is best for the child. We are on pins and needles waiting to here if Chung yi approves us, then we will be awaiting the decision of the social worker after that.


Tisra said...

On your way! Hopefully by the time you've got word about whether or not they waited, the approval process will be mostly done. I guess each adoption has uncharted waters. All the best. Can't wait to hear the good news!

Adopting from Taiwan

Sarah said...

Yay, Nicole! Glad to hear things are up and moving fo you.

Ann said...

So I'm curious. Did Chung Yi get you're homestudy? I wasn't clear on that!! WHOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! That's good news even if they haven't given you an "official" word yet, it's still good..great!! I'm excited for you. You're one step closer!!