Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Still waiting unfortunetly! We are hoping and praying that we hear something soon. Right now our good friends, Matt and Molly, are on their way to pick up their sweet son Malone from St Lucy's center. We are so excited for them and can't wait to see them when they return. Congratulations you guys. In one week you will be holding Malone!!!!


Tisra said...

Arrgh. If *I'm* frustrated there's no new news, then I know you're dying to hear more of your daughter-to-be.

I've been checking Malone's page, too. Cant' wait to see updates of another happy family holding their child!


Sarah said...

Nicole, Thanks so much for the tip on upcomming referrals on the Heartsent site! Oh my... makes me nervous and excited about the possibility of an earlier referral!

Anonymous said...

I feel your frustration!! We felt like we were in limbo forever!


Ann said...

I can't believe you still haven't heard anything. I keep checking back to see, but you are in my thoughts and I hope you hear something very soon.