Friday, May 25, 2007

Just a little background on the city our daughter resides in at this time. She is in Keelung.

Situated in the northern part of Taiwan island, Keelung used to be called Jilong, which means hencoop. The name was later changed to Keelung which means "rich and prosperous land".
  The city occupies 132.7589 square kilometers of land, 95% of which are hills. The city is separated from the neighboring counties and cities by the mountains in the east,west andsouth.
  The northern part of the city faces the ocean and is a great deepwater harbor since early times.
  As the city is surrounded by mountains, communications between Keelung and other places were not very convenient in the past when transportation was not well-developed. Gradually, the isolation gave Keelung a chance to develop its own marine culture.

  After hundreds of years of battles and struggles, the city now becomes an international harbor city visited by numerous ships. Every year, Keelung holds the Mid-July Festival, which often attracts thousands of visitors. When you visit Keelung, don't miss the fine and exquisite cuisine near the temple and be sure to plan a trip to visit the emplacements, the tunnels, the beak head, the bay, the fishery harbor and the fishing market in Keelung.

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