Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Talked back and forth with our agency coordinator the past week and still nothing to report worth reporting! Last we were told that Sally will be seeing Debby, one of the directors at Chung
Yi, this week and should learn something of our update. Mostly what is the hold up? Government sw, Chung yi, who or what? So still the same info. We are still trying to collect donations for Chung Yi. The last pacakge was $113.00. OUCH is right. We are working on getting a company to donate shipping cost, like our local DHL shipping offices or business like that. Meanwhile some of you have asked that we set up our paypal account so that you can donate funds towards shipping and donations. Thought I was sceptical at first we have decided to do so. Once I figure out how to add the link it should be up and running by the end of the weekend. For those families that have sent things... A HUGE THANK YOU!!! The items we have been told are for 45 children toddler age on up to teenagers and about 10 infnats. I know I have said this before but just a reminder. :) They are in need of:


This is the most current list we have. We are working to get Shands hospita/dental clinic to donate the toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and rinse. Robeez shoes has comitted to donating shoes but not until we travel. They also mostly have toddler and infants shoes from what I understand though. These will also be split between St Lucy Center and Chung Yi donations. We are also working on getting families to commit to packages for Chirstmas for the kids. Anything can help and what better way to pass the time?


Andrea said...

Count me in for the Christmas gift idea. I posted on the FFC group as well but I will see if my dh can do anything for shipping. He works for DHL (though we are on contract currently with the parent company Deutsche Post so I may not be able to help, but I will try!)

Tisra said...

Great work, guys! I'll see what I can get together. As far as the Christmas gifts go, I think the shoebox idea is a great one. It works well for Samaritan's Purse, maybe use there's as a model? Since I am not in your area, it seems like it might waste some of the money to buy things here and ship them to you and then have you ship them on to Taiwan. I really would love to pick things out, but maybe it would be better if I just sent some money (cutting out me as "middle man")? Eric and I will talk and I'll let you know.

adopting from Taiwan

Chairman Mom said...

Thanks for adding paypal! Cash is on its way to you, along with lots of love for the Chung Yi and StL kiddos!


Stacey, the Hegemom