Thursday, July 05, 2007

Well we hoped to get our updates from Chung Yi at the end of June but it hasn't happened yet. I spoke with Laura a couple days ago and she explained that the updates are late and they are still awaiting them. We hope to get a size confirmation and confirmation of our documents filed in the court. I would of course love to hear that we have a hearing date too! Can't hate a girl for wishful thinking, eh? I doubt we will get pictures but you never know. So I thought I waws doing pretty good waiting for this update until today. I keep thinking it has to be here today but then it doesnt come. Goodness gracious! :) I'll post when we know something for sure but for now it is back to day dreaming and waiting.


R... said...

I hope you get some good court news along with your updates!

shelley said...

I don't want to see the teddy bear get to 6 months. They need to move this along and get your girl home.