Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday February 19, 2007
Adoption never follows the plan...
On Friday Feb. 16th we were made aware of a little girl needing a family that is listed with our agency. We periodicaly view their waiting child list as that is where we were so lucky to have found our son. Our original plan was to adopt 9-24 months either gender from SLC as our #1 choice. But a few weeks ago I was "told" be open to Foster care and Chung Yi too. It kind of hit me like a ton of bricks and I told my mom and husband this but I had NO INTENTIONS on following through with it. I love SLC. I love that we understand the program fully, that the orphanage already knows us, that they would approve us, that we would get a child close to Landons age. All these things that we planned. They have all been scrambled up with the idea of this wonderful little girl waiting. She is at Chung Yi and is 5 years old. She would more than likely be 6 when we brough her home. And as much as we try to deny this isnt our plan our child, we are doing everything we can to find out about her,feeling like sh eis our child, reading her medical and viewing her photos. We get so excited thinking or talking about her. But we know we have to think about this fully and pray that the answer will be given to us. That we can bear the fact of never having had an infant to care for. That we can understand this is what was intended for our family or not. As we do a little sour searching and researching we hope that you can all send prayers and good wishes our way that we make the right decision for this little girl and our family. We have already reviewed her file and are awaiting her "about me" book and for our in country coordiantor to visit her. We hope to get video as well. She is indeed with the best foster family through Chung Yi. She is said to love to ride her bike, travel, has many friends and is happy.

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