Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yesterday we called our agency FFC with our decision to move forward with the adoption of Yen, Ti an almost 6 year old little girl. This decision was a difficult one and we were happy to get to the point of peace. Our file will have to be reveiwed by the FFC older child adoption screening committee and then if approved our file will be translated, sent to Chung Yi for approval and then on to the government social worker for approval.This process should take about 4 weeks depending on how long they take to finalize our homestudy, translations take, and how fast Chung Yi approves it and sends it to the government social worker. Long process but we hope it is doen quickly.From what we have researched with other families in the same situation, it seams taht Chung Yi and the Taiwan government are trying to work quickly to get these chidlren out of the system and into permanent homes right now. So we are hoping and praying that this stands to be true over the next few months. Our hoemstudy was sent back to our agency for a 2nd reveiw before finalizing and printing today. We were asked to also write a letter specific to the adoption of Yen,Ti. In this they hoped we could explain why we wanted to adopt her, who we are and what our family and lives are like. At this point we are very excited at the though of her being our daughter but we won't know if we are approved for about a month we guess. We have 3 photos, all her medical, and her "about Me" book! During this wait we will also be put on the SLC waiting list so that in case for what ever reason, we are not approved to be her family, we will not have lost all this time with many more families in front of us. Otherwise the decision would have been even tougher than it was.


David and Janalee said...

Oh Nicole!!!! I have been looking at her everyday on the FFC site. She is absolutley beautiful. I will keep you in our prayers that everything works out and that you are approved. I am so excited for you and greg and landon!
Sending you big big hugs,
Maya's mom-home for six months today!!!

kiwintaiwan said...

amazing news, huge congratulations and hugs from the Nicholsons in Taiwan who are looking forward to meeting you in Taiwan when you come
Rhonda, Steve, Josh and Jesse

Ann said...

I am so super excited for you guys. It's going to be a wonderful new ride!!!