Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We recently made the decision to begin the adoption process again for our second child. We are excited to say that we will be using the same agency as for our adoption of Landon, Families For Children. They are a 501(c) non profit, licensed child placing agency out of Utah. We also chose to use Adoption Support Services of Florida, Inc. for our Homestudy agency. Our process is well underway. We have turned in our application, letter of introduction, photo pages, and dossier to FFC. We have also turned in all documents for our homestudy and and our rough draft was recently sent to FFC for review. Once FFC reviews it and sends it back with the changes, then our SW will make those changes and send it back to FFC for approval. Once approved, we will officially be on the waiting list! Taiwan has gained much interest in the last 2 years and most agencies working with Cathwell have a 12-16 month wait for referral. We requested our first choice orphanage to be SLC. That is where Landon is from and they have a strong place in our heart. We requested a child of either gender 9-24 months but may consider a child younger, twins, or young siblings as that is what we were approved for by our homestudy agency and we have learned to be flexable in adoption. Since FFC has many ties in Taiwan and they also work with Chung Yi orphanage, we can not close the door to the idea that our child "may" come from some place other than SLC should the wait get to be too long. At this time FFC is quoting 6-9 months for a girl and 0-6 months for a boy however our coordinator did explain to me in email the other day that their waiting list remains short though many families are in the homestudy stage right now. I am so glad we worked quickly to move forward when we did. So I am planning on our referral taking anywhere from 0-9 months. We are very excited and Landon is more than ready to have a play mate around the house. Not sure if he is ready to share mommy and daddy 24-7 but he says tells us when we talk about baby brother or sister "share mommy, share DaDa!" He will get used to it as all children do in time he/she is home for a little while we think. Landon's Gotcha day is quickly approaching and somedays it feels like yesterday when we picked him up and others it feels like he has always been here. We are so excited to be on the journey once again and glad we have our son to keep us busy during the wait!

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