Monday, November 12, 2007

Hey everyone. Let me first say that I am so thankful and blessed to have the support of all of you. Without that I dont think we would have any sanity left right now. I am moving the blog as we are now home and have a new focus. One other than getting our daughter home but more of finding her, the real her. I knew we had allot of support but I had no idea of the responces I would get when I opened up about our struggles. All I can Say is Thank You from all of us. Each day will bring new things to our lives for a very long time. No one can listen to sad struggling families each and every day or we would all go crazy for sure so I know the issolation will come just as a death but with time we will all heal. I have to believe that. Here are some of the photos from Taiwan. You can follow our family life, celebrations and struggles at our new Blog. I will post a few more Taiwan photos here and then will continue to post but at that blog. Thank you all again.

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