Saturday, November 03, 2007

Today was a little easier day. We started out by eating at NY Bagel which was ealy nice. It didnt taste exactly like American food but close enough for me. I ate french toast and potatoes, Greg and Landon had eggs,pancakes, and potatoes. Theirs wasnt as impressive but Landon shared mine and was happy for a while. HE hasnt eaten much at al here. He doesnt like the taste or the smell of the food. He didnt like alot of the food her when we picke dhim up last year thoug etiehr and was happy to quickly switch to american food or more so american Italian LOL Loves his noodles but douced in Italian creamy sauces for the most part. He doesnt like anything even a tad bit spicy which is hard to find so far for us. Yesterday he was bak to on and off crying, whining and tantrums. Just wants to be carried everywhere. Not too unlike our home life LOL but worse. Although he was happy to run around a small park by our hotel just fine. I think that alot of it is he really is over stimulated, off schedule, very tired and just plain mad about the food. I am so happy that our Tainan visit was way better than yesterday. Today we will tour Keelung. Our daughters birth city and the place she has grown up in the last 6 + years. Randy and Jes left last nigth and we were sad to see them go. We never did get to meet the Nicholsons though. They couldnt get to the pizza party as Harley fell asleep and they didnt want to wake her. We are excited to go to Keelung. Nick Lee will pick us up at 10am and we will head out there after breakfast. Leaving it up to him pretty much where to go but I am thinking alot of walking LOL. I'm praying that Landon stays asleep for another few hours at least. I cant seem to sleep past 3 or 2 today. I went from 3am till 8 last night, yikes. I was so drained. I know I need my strength when we meet Ti. Still cant get pics to upload but was able to send some through messenger to Gregs parents and mom then she posted them to an album. Tomorrow will come quickly as we tour most the day then travel back to our hotel for the night. We have to get our gifts ready and situate the room. We are praying that this transition will go smoothly but as normal hoping for the best and expecting the worst. We love you all and and thankful for all the support. SOON VERY VERY SOON! (dreading the 24 hour flight home I must say though )


Denise and Janel said...

I love reading your posts. I can't wait to hear more. I know it is hard when you take a little one out of their routine. Give Greg and Landon our love and I can't wait to hear all about Ti. I hope you have a great day tomorrow. - Denise

Andrea said...

I can't wait to see Ti with you! Best wishes for a wonderful first meeting :)

Shana said...

We are hoping for the best transition for you all and Ti. Right now, our family is really taking note of your every move once Ti comes. We will need all the pointers we can get once Mia and Kyan come home. We are here for you! Best of luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear!
Shana, Kevin, and Haley (and Mia and Kyan waiting on us in TW)

Ann said...

Oh I wonder if she is in your arms by now!!!

Nicholson Family said...

Nicole, sorry we could not make it, the girls were out so early everyday we were there. Harley is still hurting. We hope Ti has an easy transition. MNM &H