Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Eight months waiting for our daughter! To celebrate, or not so celebrate : ( the fact that we have been waiting 8 months (wish I had some fancy scrap book clip like Sarah from Journey To Taiwan For Hannah Claire) but not that blogger savy, and for all the friends and family that have asked about a shower and registry, since the time is near that our Ti will soon be home, we have finally made a registry. We had a shower for Landons coming but no registry so I thought it was sort of fun this time. Since Ti is older and the travel of an extra person (landon) and a new child withtheir own seat, our expenses are alot to go to Taiwan. There for it has been a little difficult in terms of getting the things we need for Ti for uniforms, clothes and toys or crafts. We do feel that she needs these things not to mention the fact that I think shopping will be difficult for a while when she gets here. So without further ado, we chose to have our registry at Target. You can find it at the baby registry at Target.com under Nicole or Gregory Hughes. We anticapated her finale arrival home to be in November even though it may be as early as October. So thanks to Family and friends in advance for any help or gifts for our daughter :) We are so excited and know the time is so close. Our family will soon be a family of 4!


Andy & Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your first decree - and on the court process moving forward - that is cause to celebrate!!! I have been following your blog for awhile and am so excited about Ti (and feeling the impatience WITH you to bring her home to her family!!!) Keep the faith and keep us posted on any news.

PAP, on FFC waitlist 9/11/07

Tisra said...

You'll see her soon, but I do wish it were tomorrow! Each day holds the possibility of getting the call to travel. You mention uniforms, I didn't even think about it- but she'll be starting school won't she? Right away, or will you wait awhile? Private or public?


Ryan and Heather said...

Not much longer now! (I know it feels like an eternity though!) I bet it is starting to feel more real though being able to register and plan for her homecoming!

Sarah said...


You supply the pictures of a special beautiful little girl, and I'll supply the scrapbook pages. Sound like a good deal? :)