Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is one of the most recent videos we have of Ti though it is still quite old. It is from April 28, 2007.

Well we recieved our update of No update yet again :( We are told that Ti's foster family has been undergoing some home renovations so they have not been able to get the info requested back to Chung Yi. Also that is the same reason that the meeting has not been set for Ti and Sally, our incountry coordinator, still. No news on how the hearing went either. So I guess we will have to wait till we get that travel call and then get there before we know anything. If they are really busy, Which I can understand during such things, I hope that they are still able to talk with her about the adoption as the time nears and work with her on her English they were going to do. We haven't received anything since we have been approved when they sent all the pictures and Sally had her very first meeting with Ti and the foster mother. But I guess they told us this could happen, so what do you? We just have to be prepared for what ever may happen and however she may react once we get there. I guess we will bring a couple different sizes and hope we have soemthing that fits. We will make due. Apparently Sally has stressed the importance of their meeting as well as the requested info, to Chung Yi and they say they will forward this info to the social welfare social worker and try to work with them to get it taken care of. I hate to be any kind of burden to the foster family especially during a time of stress, grief and home renovation. We just hoped to know how Ti is feeling about the adoption at this point so that we can better address her possible issues when we pick her up and she arrives home. If we do not know there will be alot of guess work. A pretty good disapointment.

Her furniture will arrive tomorrow and that is something to look forward too. Her room is painted a nice hazelnut cream, the same as most of our house, from a suede grey. We settled on a very nice White "chantilly" set with a Full size Panel bed with rails, matching Chest and night stand and then we will add a desk and hutch later. The bed has bows for detail on the headboard and footboard but just one on each. The other pices have a beautiful beading detail with crystal type knobs. WE both really love it and it should grow with her. SOlid wood so that it can be painted later on when she grows out of that cute little girl theme :) We also agreed on a Circus toile desing for the decor with beautiful reds, sage greens and ivories and some coordinating fabrics if all goes as planned. Her favorite color used to be red so maybe it still is. As she settles in, in the next few months she may start to like some characters or other things and we may change it later on to better suit her wishes. For now we hope it will be cheery yet calm during her transition.


Tisra said...

"cheery yet calm" sounds wonderful and will be lovely, I'm sure.

I will pray that all of the unknowns will work out shortly and that anything that doesn't come to you in an update will be answerable while you are there. There is certainly clothing to buy in Taiwan. And regardless of what someone says/ doesn't say about how she is feeling regarding her new family can not guarantee her feeling when she finally meets you. So, I'm just praying that God works all of her emotions out by the time you're united and that a miraculous work is done in her heart to be open, receptive, and joyful!


Tisra said...

I viewed your entry in Bloglines first, and missed out on the video. I've now seen it and am left holding my breath, for some reason. Like it's all too sweet for any sound (even that of breathing) to interrupt! What a beautiful little girl...and she's your daughter!!!!

R... said...

The nursery sounds so lovely! We are having challenges with nursery design here, but inspired by your progress. Hope we get those calls soon!