Monday, September 03, 2007

WOW no post in a month? What is that all about?! So our hearing in Taiwan was today, September 3rd. Technically yesterday in Taiwan. Of course we have no news about it. We probably won't even get any news until our finale unless that doesn't happen by the end of the month. We were told that the foster family would have answers to our questions and information we requested back to Chung yi and then to us by the end of August, in plenty of time before travel. Of course this is just past and we have no news. :( We hope all went well for the hearing and that the judge had all the info needed to make an informed decision and ruling on the case. We reflect on what is happening in Taiwan and struggling with the knowing and hoping that the judge sees that we are best suited to be Ti's parents while knowing that this means her birth mother isn't. It also means that the family that has taken care of her from the time she was 2 years old will not be her parents. The feeling of being happy and excited about that, meaning we can be her parents, just feels wrong to celebrate such news. We are well aware that if it wasn't us then it would be another US family most likely but that doesn't stop the fact that she is losing something that we can never fully 100% understand. So though we trust that this is Gods plan and pray that we ARE her parents we pray for her birthmother, her foster family, and her for the huge loss they will endure once the 10 day waiting period is over and finale ruling occurs.

On a lighter note... We have painted her new bedroom and have begun looking for her bedroom furniture. This has been very fun, exciting and a little stressful. Who would have thought that shopping for girls would be stressful? Well I am not the best at decorating anything especially rooms or the house. not to mention that I grew up a tom boy and never wanted anything cute, nice or decorated! So for me trying to pick out osmething that she will love, that she wont out grow too quickly and that will help her feel comfortable has been hard. Should we go white furniture or cherry? Full bed or twin? Really girly with bow designs and detail or less design and no bows. Slegh, post or platform bed? and don't get me started on the bedding LOL Greg wants everything really cute and girly. Her closet is about half full of clothes and that is only because we still have no idea what size or weight she is. I doubt we will know before we trael either so we have only been buying size 6 mostly but a couple 5's and a couple 7's to be safe. When we picked up Landon they had the size for us totally worng and he ended up miss matched and rolled up the entire time. I hope she comes with atleast a couple things. I am sure she will as she is always well dressed with plenty of clothes from her pictures as best we can tell. We have also sent several outfits but havent heard anthing about them fitting or being liked so who knows?

Landon is so excited about his sister coming home. Today in the grocery line he told a little girl ahead of us in line that his sister was coming home tonight. It was so cute but so sad when I had to tell him we are not sure when but hopefuly soon, unfortunetly not tonight though. Of course this little girl was only about 2 years old and could care less who he was let alone his sister who she thinks is out with her/his dad probably LOL. So...painting, furniture shoppping, inlaws visiting and court hearing! Wow, what a week at the Hughes residence :) Lets pray that this judge can rule as quickly as Chung Yi expects and we can travel to pick up our little Ti soon. We cant wait to meet our daughter and learn who she is. Hope everyone gets travel news and referrals soon!


Shana said...

Hope all went well with the ruling today! Fingers and toes crossed for you guys.

I understand what you mean about feeling weird about being excited that Ti is coming to you but sad she is leaving her foster family. It is certainly bitter sweet.

We wish you all a speedy final ruling and quick travel date.
Shana, Kevin, and Haley
soon to be mom to: Mia and Kyan

Judy said...

Hope you get info/update soon on the ruling. Ti is meant to be part of your family.

R... said...

I'm so excited for you to know things are moving and I hope you get that travel news sooooon! In the meantime, you've been tagged! See for details. :-)

Annie said...

Glad for the update, even though you didn't really HAVE anything to update. I know the frustration. I thought about you and prayed for you on the 3rd (or maybe it was the 2nd and I knew it was the 3rd in Taiwan already) Anyway, I'm praying all goes well and Ti is home SOON! I understand what you mean about your feelings about Ti leaving her foster family. We are really hoping and praying for Si Ya that she will do okay with the change, because she has also been with her foster family since she ws 2.

Julianna said...

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