Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Huge Virtual hug to Sarah W. for sending Ti a wonderful gift! you have become a great friend and support through out our process and we hope to be yours and can't wait for you to bring Hannah Claire home! We also cant wait for you to meet Ti and Landon in person :) We have to say that the best part of teh adoption process (ASIDE OF BRINGING HOME YOUR CHILD OF COURSE) are the friends you meet along the way! I was so excited yesterday to return from a day of shopping for things as we prepare for travel to find our first gift off the registry! You are so awesome Sarah. Thank you so much she will love it and we will love helping her learn to use it :)

We are also very happy to report that we have purchased our tickets for Greg, Landon and I. The travel agent Susan though nice as can be, wasnt able to get us a very good deal even being 5 weeks away and Todd the other travel agent we used last time never called back. After searching for days and internet sites, we finally purchased our tickets direct from online EVA Airlines. We are now working on Ti's ticket which EVA says should be made through a travel agent. Weird. Anyhow since hers was a one way ticket we couldnt book them together and then we couldnt book it seperate since she was a child and it would only allow an adult with a child. Needless to say these tickets hurt the bank LOL but we chose to fly EVA deluxe becaseu we didnt do that last time and swore we would NEVER EVER do that again on a flight that long. So we have both gained about 30lbs since then and have a very active 3 year old on the way there and a 6yr and 3yr back, I wasnt going for coach if it saved $600-$1000 or not. After not sleeping the entire way there or back I just thought we would be best with a little sleep and more patience. So we will book our hotel soon but we are still awaiting a few details for Taiwan. Greg lef for Mississippi today and wont be back until the day before we leave most likely. He drove also and will be driving back so I can only imagine how tired he will be when we leave. I have her bedroom to finish up and a few more home details and am begining to pack. We bought new luggage today too. Our biggest suitcase last time was so heavy before we packed it that even though I weighed it at home when the airlien weighed it it was over and we had to pay $50.00 extra. So I am hoping that this one will be better. Still fitting 4 people clothes in one suitcase for a week+ worth of travel is difficult. One large suitcase will carry many of the Christmas donations that are heading to Chung Yi so that suitcase is full too. :) Happy packing!


Sarah said...

(blush blush) You're very welcome.

David and Janalee said...

Hi Nicole,
Just wanted to let you know that when we traveled we had all four bags (2 completely filled with hygiene kits for Chung Yi and half of a 3rd) weigh more than the alloted weight. When we got to the airport, Dave asked to speak to a manager of the airline we were flying and we got the fees waved because they were donations. We got there in plenty of time to do this as we knew they were all over and the airline did not even put up a fight when we unzipped one bag to show them the donations and told them what they were for.
As for the packing four people into one suitcase use the travel bags that compress--great for stinky dirty laundry coming home! But you are so organized you probably already knew that trick!
Happy Packing!

Ann said...

That was so sweet of her. You are going to have such a great trip. I can't wait to hear how Landon does going back and how he reacts to his new sister.